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Payments Perspectives Blog

Digital Evolution Index Goes to South Africa

John Gaffney |

Of all the 50 countries measured in our September Digital Evolution Index, perhaps the most compelling are in Africa: Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and South Africa. Global Insights editor Ted Iacobuzio presented the index to World Retail Congress Africa in Johannesburg this week and found that Africa has eCommerce and mobile potential that outpaces more developed
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Breaking Down Mobile Mania for Retail

John Gaffney |

Forget the fact that Alibaba took in $9 billion on a manufactured “Singles Day” holiday. The more stunning number is that 43 percent of it was purchased via mobile devices. That means that mobile commerce from one company beat the entire total of 2013’s U.S. Cyber Monday commerce. Performance like that gives credence to the
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Mobile Marketing Fits Omnichannel Model for Issuers

Margot Vaughan |

No financial service institution would be willing to risk 91 percent of its customers. According to a new study a poor mobile experience could be alienating customers at those extreme levels, pointing out the need to get mobile marketing right when it comes to card holder retention, upsell and messaging campaigns. The survey included 6,000
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The Role of Digital Readiness in Stemming the Ebola Plague

Ted Iacobuzio |

Our very own Digital Readiness Index is instanced in this piece at the Huffington Post on Nigeria’s success in stopping Ebola in its tracks.

An Eye on the Long View: Rethinking Strategy for the Unbanked

Nitin Sumangali |

The focus on getting more U.S. unbanked consumers into the banking system isn’t sufficiently taking into account one of the biggest barriers facing them: they think it’s too expensive. That’s the premise of a recent New York Times op/ed New School Professor by Lisa Servon. In her piece, she describes working at RiteCheck in the
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