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Payments Perspectives Blog

Making Big Data Make Money in Retail

Jim Manzi |

Any experienced businessperson has seen this movie before with earlier technologies ranging from the World Wide Web to CRM to enterprise data warehouses. It’s the plot in which a technology goes from promise to hype to true application. Big data is now deep into the hype phase of this cycle. All the classic signs are
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Inclusion and What to Make of a Diminished Thing: Concordia Summit 2015

Theodore Iacobuzio |

What does inclusion mean in a deflationary global economy, an environment that seems to have   changed almost by the minute since the 2008 financial crisis? That was the question that seemed to emerge from every session at this year’s Concordia Summit, which keeps getting bigger, and at least from the look of the guest list
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Data and Content Drives Advertising To The Omnishopper

John Gaffney |

As Advertising Week in NYC closes, it struck me that two issues dominated: data and content. That’s as it should be. Because the reason Advertising Week exists is because data and content will help everyone in this business understand the most valuable asset we all have: the customer. MasterCard has new research about this asset. Meet the Omnishopper. “The Retail CMO Guide to
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The U.S. Consumer Trust Gap: Ted Iacobuzio discusses Road to Recovery with PYMNTS

Nitin Sumangali |

The latest edition of the Road to Recovery report, a series that Global Insights publishes on the state of the U.S. consumer, focused particularly on why so many consumers in the U.S. maintain checking accounts across multiple banks. Global Insights’ Ted Iacobuzio spoke about the report, some of its key findings, and just how to
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MPOS: Now Playing on a Global Scale

When it comes to mobile POS, there’s perception and there’s reality. The perception is that MPOS is simply a lower-cost solution for small businesses that need to accept card payments on the go. But the reality is that it’s about much more than payments.  Example: A mobile food vendor called Bun Bun in Sweden will
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