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Payments Perspectives Blog

Rethinking Omnichannel; Refocusing Supply Chains

Amit Jain |

It’s a fair time to ask a basic question. What is the future of retail commerce? In a word: Omnichannel. The icons of eCommerce are reinventing themselves. Amazon is opening physical stores. Apple is now betting its future on wearables. At the same time the global powerhouses that have dominated traditional brick-and-mortar retailing like Sainsbury’s,
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You Can’t Afford It, Girlfriend! or, Save to Play

Peter Reville |

Recently Apple filed a patent for a new advertising format that will only serve up ads to users who can afford to pay for the goods and services in the ad.  Essentially, Apple has created a system that checks the balance on your credit and debit card and serves up ads for goods and services
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Nitin Sumangali |

Here at Payments Perspectives, we talk a bit about Amazon. When you touch on eCommerce, or retail in general, they are hard to ignore. So when a new eCommerce site with a lot of hype arrives on the scene, and is touted as an Amazon rival, we tend to notice that too. Last week saw
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Amazon’s Thanksgiving Parade: Underdog No More

Alissa Saoutina |

Are you surprised? Did you do a double take at the title of this post? If yes, then the discounts, free shipping and other Prime perks have not gotten hold of you yet. Although some might think it bold and premature, the analysts at Cowen Group are predicting that the rise of Amazon in the
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Safety and Security Infographic Series 4: The Social Deficit

Nitin Sumangali |

As Global Insights wraps up its series of infographics about consumer attitudes regarding security of personal and payments information in eCommerce, it’s worth recapping the topics these infographics touched on. The first infographic in the series was about how consumers’ concern about their personal and payments information was roughly equal across online and offline merchants, suggesting that
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