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Payments Perspectives Blog

The Digital Evolution Index and the Emergence of a Connected Planet

Theodore Iacobuzio |

Where are the Internet’s next billion users coming from? Not from where you might think. Be aware first that wherever they come from, they’re coming faster than ever before, faster than the first 2.9 billion, cyberspace’s current human population. Anything due to grow by 35 percent is bound to be of interest to businesses worldwide;
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Will Apple’s Latest iPhone Spur the Adoption and Usage of Digital Wallets?

Alissa Saoutina |

As a loyal Apple fan who loves to experiment with the latest features and solutions in payments, I was eager for Apple to enable mobile payments.  I agree with my colleague who argued that mobile payments adoption hinges on consumers showing avid demand for such a solution. Will Apple Pay spur that demand and prove The New
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Predict This, Or Not: Casting Hostages to Fortune with Apple Pay

Peter Reville |

Dateline—48 hours after the cacophony in Cupertino. OK, I get it, publish or perish, but have you seen some of the predictions being made as a result of the Apple Pay announcement a scant two days ago?  Before the proverbial ink was dry I have seen articles that say PayPal will be hurt significantly by
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The New U.S. Consumer, Credit Card and Debit Cards

Theodore Iacobuzio |

I recently addressed MasterCard’s U.S. Markets meeting, Connections, in Los Angeles, about the latest version of our credit/debit work, the completed version of which should be ready next quarter. A good summary of the major findings is in this interview I gave to the McClatchy papers.

Security Still Keeps Financial Service Executives Up At Night: Aite Reports

Nitin Sumangali |

Payments card security is always a topic of conversation among financial services professionals, but in the last year it has taken on a new dimension: with the imminent transition to EMV in the U.S., and the announcement of Apple Pay, more and more executives are thinking about the topic. Shirley Inscoe and our friends at
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