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Payments Perspectives Blog

A Lesson Learned: The U.S. Consumer Post-Crisis

Nitin Sumangali |

Even as the U.S. economy picks up, American consumers are more careful with their financial positions now than before the crisis. This was the takeaway from MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga in Davos, speaking to the Wall Street Journal. He mentions that both U.S. consumers and banks are being more prudent in how they approach their
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MasterCard at Davos WEF 2015: It’s All about Inclusion

Theodore Iacobuzio |

As you likely know, MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga is making a splash at this year’s global World Economic Forum meeting way up in the Swiss Alps. The big topic is inclusion, about which Global Insights will have something to say before too long, so watch this space. Meanwhile, if this piece is right and organizational
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The New Nav: The Future of Driving, with Big Data

Cristobel von Walstrom |

In the first week of 2015 at the Consumer Electronic Show, HERE and BMW AG announced the next generation of in-car navigation. The new generation of in-car navigation will not only provide directions from one place to another, but also offer insight into other things you’ll need on the way, like gas and parking. Like
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The Challenged, Chastened and Changed American Consumer 2015: Credit/Debit Rides Again

Theodore Iacobuzio |

This piece in the American Banker has been getting your agent a little press. It’s all based on our yearly look of the yin and yang of tender chez the American consumer. That work is affectionately known in-house here at Global Insights as credit/debit. Look for some enhancement there in the coming weeks.

Diane von Furstenberg at Financo 2015: How to Build a Love Brand

Manini Madia |

What do a 40-year-old dress, Google Glass and love brand have in common? They have all either been created or dressed up by Diane von Furstenberg. At the Financo CEO Forum at the Harmonie Club in New York yesterday afternoon, Diane spoke to 300 retail and CPG CEOs` in a panel led by the illustrious
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