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Payments Perspectives Blog

Concordia Summit: Saving the World one Partnership at a Time

Alissa Saoutina |

At end of September I attended the Concordia Summit, which is very powerful in bringing world leaders together to discuss the merits of public-private partnerships (P3) and the state of the world. Today the world is as volatile as it has been for a decade, so the conversation turned to Ukraine, Snowden and the NSA,
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In Search of The Omnichannel Card Prospect

Margot Vaughan |

According to research from Mintel/Compremedia, almost 27 percent of all US consumers still receive at least one credit card offer per month via mail. The company’s research also shows that 43 percent of all customers (both acquisition and retention) receive an offer via digital communications, 25 percent by direct mail, 15 percent in-person and 17
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Hope Not Hype: The Real Promise of Apple Pay

Peter Reville |

I know I cautioned “don’t believe the hype” in earlier posts.  But maybe, just maybe, we can believe the hope. A recent article on eMarketer What Apple Pay Could Mean for Retailers forecasts mobile proximity payments users to be more than one-quarter of all smartphone users by 2018. If we believed the hype we would
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CMOs Trip on Social Media Data

Michael Minelli |

Let’s socialize a new idea: Not all data is created equal. That’s maybe why CMOs are spending more on social media but having a hard time quantifying its effect. That data about chief marketing officers comes from a new Duke University Fuqua School of Business survey that shows this disconnect. Social media spending is currently
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The Digital Evolution Index and the Emergence of a Connected Planet

Theodore Iacobuzio |

Where are the Internet’s next billion users coming from? Not from where you might think. Be aware first that wherever they come from, they’re coming faster than ever before, faster than the first 2.9 billion, cyberspace’s current human population. Anything due to grow by 35 percent is bound to be of interest to businesses worldwide;
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