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Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina is an Analyst in the Global Insights group of MasterCard. She is responsible for compiling and analyzing research from MasterCard and 3rd party sources to generate insights for consumers, merchants and issuers. Alissa has previously worked three years in Product Development organization within MasterCard, responsible for developing and implementing solutions for offer and loyalty companies.
Alissa can be reached at

Recent Posts

Who Is Fraud and What Does Fraud Do?

With large merchants such as Target and eBay making headlines with historical data breaches, opening up potential for fraud, I set out to understand what fraud means and what payments ecosystem players (i.e., consumers, merchants, processors, networks) are doing to address it. In the payments world fraud is associated with an unauthorized use of personal
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Why Should Banks Care about Wearables? Last in a Series

The answer is:  wearable technology has an impact on consumer expectations for experience and usability of various products outside of daily fitness tracking—which is the context in which you usually hear about wearables. Banking and wearables are in the similar business of tracking consumer activity (steps vs. transactions) and presenting information in a format that
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Future Stock: Banks Need to Think About Youth

Banks need to think about the future. And that future must include strategies to address Youth as an important, but struggling, contributor to the global economy. Twenty-five percent of the global population is younger than 30 years old and, according to Deloitte’s projection, this group will account for 75 percent of the global workforce by
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Balancing Act: Banks Address Costs and Profits

Imagine Nik Wallenda (the first person to tightrope  the Niagara Falls on a high-wire) walking the line, tipping to the right, straightening,  tipping to the left, then straightening. The master of the balancing act traversing the 1,800-foot divide – the widest part of the falls. His balancing pole helped  get him to the security of
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Easter Comes Up Green For Retailers

Warm weather has put consumers in a sunnier mood when it comes to shopping and spending. According to the latest SpendingPulse release, April and the Easter Bunny brought a significant growth spike for retailers, especially in the apparel category. Total retail sales grew 4.4 percent year over year; the fastest rate of growth since December
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