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Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina is an Analyst in the Global Insights group of MasterCard. She is responsible for compiling and analyzing research from MasterCard and 3rd party sources to generate insights for consumers, merchants and issuers. Alissa has previously worked three years in Product Development organization within MasterCard, responsible for developing and implementing solutions for offer and loyalty companies.
Alissa can be reached at

Recent Posts

Social Enterprise: Product vs. Purpose

Inclusion Inc., this year’s edition of The Fletcher School’s annual conference on inclusive growth, started off with a straightforward question on the part of Bhaskar Chakravorti, senior associate dean at the school: what is the definition of inclusive business? For businesses themselves, which after all, exist to serve their customers and make a profit that
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The Omnichannel Shopping Experience: The Coming Wave

Omnichannel retailing has two sides to it—you have to manage the consumer experience and your operations and employees’ training. Providing employees, who have direct interaction with consumers, processes that enable them to succeed in the omnichannel world is crucial. The underpinning of a successful employee incentive program is the ability to tie consumer purchases to
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What’s in Your Digi-Wallet? More Than a Couple of Cards

To answer that question, CapitalOne has been focusing on all the benefits banking relationships bring to cardholders. Those benefits are what attracts consumers to the bank and influences their decision to open an account. However, the mark of a successful banking relationship is the cardholders’ continuous usage of the account and those very benefits. From
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Are Big Banks, with Volume on Their Side, Ignoring the Digital Banks?

Neo-banking, or banking 2.0, seems to be picking up steam as more tech start-ups enter the market and continue to win over consumers. I am not saying that consumers are leaving their current banking providers, but rather are extending their use of additional services like Level and Mint, and opening up accounts at online-only banks
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The Killer App? It’s Mobile Banking Plus Mobile Payments

How important to you is your money? Hold that thought. Imagine a world where you reach for your phone and the first app you open is your iBank; instead of doing Netflix marathons, you do BankMe billpaythons, and your status updates are notes around your most recent purchases. That is the general direction mobile banking
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What Do CES and DisneyWorld Have in Common?

Magic wands and magic carpet rides are replaced by smartwatches, cars that drive themselves, stoves that talk to you, and robots that sing and dance. CES offers rides to experienced techies and those who are just getting used to the Alice’s Tea Cup ride. Putting metaphor aside, there is one big difference between the two
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Can Digital Solutions Be the Great Equalizer for Haves and Have-nots?

Check out the economic inclusion op-ed piece by Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, which discusses how the advances in digital technology have occurred alongside the growing gap in income inequality. Dr. Hedrick-Wong offers a suggestion as to the way those advances can help address the gap in a scalable and impactful way. To find out how to support
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