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Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina is an Analyst in the Global Insights group of MasterCard. She is responsible for compiling and analyzing research from MasterCard and 3rd party sources to generate insights for consumers, merchants and issuers. Alissa has previously worked three years in Product Development organization within MasterCard, responsible for developing and implementing solutions for offer and loyalty companies.
Alissa can be reached at

Recent Posts

Can Digital Solutions Be the Great Equalizer for Haves and Have-nots?

Check out the economic inclusion op-ed piece by Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, which discusses how the advances in digital technology have occurred alongside the growing gap in income inequality. Dr. Hedrick-Wong offers a suggestion as to the way those advances can help address the gap in a scalable and impactful way. To find out how to support
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CES 2015 Part Two: Liveblogging the Last Gadget Standing

What made people cheer and clap the hardest during the Last Gadget Standing competition? Ten great products were competing for applause today at CES 2015. The Internet of Things was the biggest common factor between the sleeping tracker, door bell, robot and pet monitoring device. No matter the problem the gadget was solving or the
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CES 2015: Writing in the Sky—John Chambers Talks IOT

Greetings from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the industry event that affords a view of just what to expect  in terms of existing gadgets, new gadgets and unheard of gadgets. The buzzword this year is The Internet of Things (IOT). You’d be surprised at what could be at the center of the mix. The
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Spendingpulse™ 2014 Full-Season Spend Report: Holiday Shopping Season Delivers

MasterCard Spendingpulse™ today released initial numbers for the 2014 U.S. holiday full-season spend and the results show this season’s growth was improved over last year. Overall, retail sales during the Black Friday to Christmas Eve period – excluding automotive sales – increased 5.5 percent in 2014.  This increase is in line with original SpendingPulse forecasts and reflects one additional
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Inclusion Diary II: Men in Elevators and Lobbies

My last post was about my discovery of the uniqueness of Asia’s second biggest “slum” and the opportunity it offers to its inhabitants. Since this was my first visit to India, and first time in Mumbai, I looked forward to travelling around the city. As I entered business offices and private residences, I noticed the
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Inclusion Diary I: The “Five Star Slum” in the Heart of Mumbai

I traveled to India to report on the culture and environment in which a fifth of the world’s population is concentrated in extreme  proximity. I wanted to understand what drives such  a complex and culturally diverse country as India. What I found was a mixture of individual survival instinct and strong community ties. The microcosms, where
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Shopping Evolution Excites: with Mobile, We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

On a windy afternoon, ushered in by the chill of the north wind, I walked into a delightful coffee shop on Commercial Street in Provincetown MA.  The expert barista prepared a steaming cup of coffee and told us the short history of Kohi Coffee Company, which only opened the previous summer. His enthusiasm about the
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