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John Gaffney

John Gaffney

John Gaffney
Director of Editorial Services, MasterCard Advisors

John is Director of Editorial Services for MasterCard Advisors. His focus is on bringing the data, consulting and marketing expertise of Advisors to a wider audience. He has been involved in digital marketing and content development for over 15 years in various capacities. Based in Purchase, N.Y., he can be reached at

Recent Posts

The Stembergian Principal of eCommerce

When I first started covering eCommerce Ricky Martin was “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” “Isis” was an obscure Bob Dylan song. Google had distinguished itself only by being Yahoo’s search engine infrastructure. Back there in the last century I distinctly remember interviewing Staples co-founder Tom Stemberg on the occasion of his company launching an eCommerce site.
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Vive la France: Country Outpaces EU in Digital Evolution

The Digital Evolution Index continues to get high-level attention, landing a feature in Foreign Affairs. Continuing our analysis of individual countries, this week we’re focused on France. The DEI, was developed by MasterCard Global Insights and the Fletcher School for International Affairs at Tufts University. The DEI methodology measured the current capacity of 50 countries
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Poland’s Digital Evolution: Consistency and Strength

The phrase “the next billion users” is starting to appear in the digital lexicon. The next billion Internet users—fully 25 percent of the current total—will come from the 60 percent of the global population still not digitally connected. The next billion users will also in large part depend on individual countries’ readiness for new users,
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Bill Gates Gets The Digital Evolution Index

Here’s what you might call a decent end of the week here at Global Insights. When you find out Bill Gates is reading your work, that’s a good week. We knew the Digital Evolution Index we built and developed with The Fletcher School at Tufts University was gaining traction via a Harvard Business Review op-ed.
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Digital Evolution Index Gets Its Close Up

The Digital Evolution Index, developed by MasterCard and The Fletcher School at Tufts University, has become a hot topic in globalization circles. The index uses a proprietary algorithm to measure the rate of movement for 50 countries as they become more digital economies. It creates that number by weighing four drivers of that economy: government
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HBR on DEI: Where Are the Next Billion Digital Citizens Coming From?

China. ISIS. Eurozone. The global economic issues that were supposed to be big issues in 2015 have certainly shown up as advertised. The Digital Evolution Index, created by The Fletcher School at Tufts University and MasterCard Global Insights, was designed to predict the speed at which the digital economy is moving (or not) in 50
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LAC Break Out: Digital Evolution Index

When it comes to digital economics, Latin America and the Caribbean are among the most  engaged of regions. Of all the 50 countries measured in our Digital Evolution Index, published last September, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil are on track to become the success stories of the next five years in terms of eCommerce, mobile
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