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John Gaffney

John Gaffney

John Gaffney
Director of Editorial Services, MasterCard Advisors

John is Director of Editorial Services for MasterCard Advisors. His focus is on bringing the data, consulting and marketing expertise of Advisors to a wider audience. He has been involved in digital marketing and content development for over 15 years in various capacities. Based in Purchase, N.Y., he can be reached at

Recent Posts

Analytics Tide Shifts Toward the Future

Tablet sales and eCommerce spending. They’re connected, but not in the way merchants might think. Recent data around both represent a clear move toward predictive analytics and decreasing reliance on rearview data. Awash as we are in the era of data abundance, it’s always telling when the tide starts to show some clear direction. While
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Emerging Payments Head Ed McLaughlin Leads Wharton Conference with Inclusion Message

Including the underbanked and moving toward a cashless society were the main themes on the part of MasterCard’s chief emerging payments officer Ed McLaughlin at the recent Wharton Social Impact Conference. Keynoting the event, McLaughlin told the conference that mobile devices will help include underbanked populations and give them access to the programs and financial
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The Myth of Disruption in Financial Services

I’m not the only one who had an anti-disruption week.  The mainstream press has suddenly picked up on the topic as a firecracker in the ear of senior level executives. I don’t agree with the severity of The New Yorker’s assessment for example, that disruption is a fear-based and unhealthy concept, but for financial institutions
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Even Mary Meeker Can’t Predict Mobile Behavior

Mary Meeker is about as close to a guru that that the ultra-cynical digerati can handle. Never heard anyone say a bad thing about her and her analytical skills. She has been right on the growth of social media and dead on about the growth of mobile devices. Not easy to do in a business
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Unpacking the Big Data Catchphrase

You don’t cheer for big baseball. You cheer for the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cardinals, or maybe even the Cubs. You don’t focus on big food. You focus on tonight’s dinner. In the same manner, I would suggest that we don’t focus on big data.  Focus instead on making data relevant to your business. Events
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Peer-To-Peer Needs Peer Evaluations

The peer-to-peer whispers are becoming audible conversations. As venture capital money floods into bilateral arrangements for everything from sharing apartments to personal payments, merchants and banks need to consider a quiet voice in the dialogue: the consumer. Because P2P payments will require sharp consumer preference and segmentation as they gain a louder voice in the
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