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Nitin Sumangali

Nitin Sumangali

Nitin Sumangali
Analyst, Global Insights

Nitin Sumangali is an Analyst in the Global Insights group of MasterCard Worldwide. He is responsible for analyzing MasterCard and third-party research to support the development of market, consumer, and financial insights that can strengthen the performance of MasterCard and its customers worldwide. Mr. Sumangali is based in Purchase, N.Y. and can be reached at

Recent Posts

The New Frontier of Mobile Payments: Lose the Phone

The next move in mobile payments might be taking a truly revolutionary step: skipping the mobile phone altogether. A new offering broadly categorized as “mobile payments” does not in fact use a mobile phone as the device to initiate payment. The Rochester, NY technology and design firm redbottle design has created a product called GlassPay,
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The Road to Recovery: Consumers as Small Businesses

Since the latest version of the Global Insights team’s paper on changing credit and debit card spending dynamics, I’ve had opportunities to talk about the paper’s findings with journalists and people in the industry who are interested in the nature of these changes. One of the interesting parts of these discussions is to see what
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The Road to Recovery: A View from the Press

As regular readers of this blog know, the Global Insights team has just published the latest version of our annual study of the credit and debit card dynamics and U.S. consumers. This study contains findings about the change from 2011 to 2012, but also takes a longer view to examine how since the start of
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Road to Recovery: The Cautious Rise of the U.S. Consumer

For the past four years, the Global Insights team has released an annual report of the state of the U.S. consumer, looking at changes to credit and debit usage as well as changes to their confidence in their own financial situation. In the past month, Global Insights has shared selected excerpts via our Payments Perspectives
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Coming Soon: MasterCard Revisits the State of the American Consumer

Month by month, quarter by quarter, and year by year there are reams of data produced about the American consumer’s financial picture that point in every direction and seemingly have no consistency. But it’s potentially a mistake to view the numbers this way. Individual data points (savings rates, housing starts, spending levels) may in isolation
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Blurred Lines: Mobile and eCommerce Growth in China

As both social media and eCommerce Internet sites grow in markets like China, there’s an emerging shift from people accessing these sites only via desktop computers to people using these services via a mobile device. What’s making this migration even more interesting is that companies previously operating in one space or the other are now
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