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Peter Reville

Peter Reville

Peter Reville
Vice President, Consumer and Market Intelligence Group

Peter Reville is a vice president in the Consumer and Market Intelligence Group of MasterCard Worldwide. He specializes in using primary and secondary information resources to guide MasterCard’s digital strategy and new product development initiatives.

Prior to joining MasterCard in 2005, Mr. Reville worked for more than 17 years at several market research and consulting agencies. Based in Purchase, N.Y., he can be reached at

Recent Posts

Coin Gives Love a Bad Name

Back in December I penned a blog post confessing to falling in and out of love with Coin.  I really wanted to believe, but the facts were too hard to ignore. Coin is the device, about the size of a credit card, that can store all my plastic card information for use instead of the
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Stay Safe Out There: With Fraud, Are Consumers Their Own Worst Enemies?

Despite our best intentions, there is a sizable proportion of the tech-enabled world that just doesn’t get it.  According to a new Aite Group report, Global Consumers: Losing Confidence in the Battle Against Fraud, approximately 50 percent of consumers have engaged in some type of behavior that puts them at risk of fraud. Risky behavior
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Smart Phones: Not Just for Angry Birds Any More

I may be a little “tardy to the party” on this one, but here it goes. I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal “The Cheap-Smartphone Revolution” [subscription required]. The author writes of smartphones selling for as little as $25. Wow.  Imagine what this would mean for the developing world. Putting the power
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Do You Want a Wocket in your Pocket?

A recent article on introduces us to the latest payment gizmo, Wocket.  As I understand it, the Wocket is an independent piece of hardware biometrically locked that stores multiple cards. Once the device is unlocked, the Wocket sends the relevant card information is sent to a dynamically programmable “card” that comes with the wallet. 
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Be Seeing You: Welcome to Creepy Town

I think we’re getting a little closer to understanding how consumers define creepy—in the personal tracking sense, that is.  A recent article in CNN Money on tracking in-store shopping behavior cites a study commissioned by consumer feedback company OpinionLab. Three-quarters of respondents (77 percent) report that in-store tracking—retailers’ ability to locate where you are in
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To PC Or Not PC, That Is The Question

A recent article in the Washington Post “The PC is dead, and this year’s CES proves it” posits that the vast array of new gadgets now available to consumers is making the PC less necessary to the average consumer.  While I think the author’s title is somewhat overstated—I think the term “dead” is overkill—the truth
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