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Steven Paese

Steven Paese

Steven Paese
Consultant, MasterCard Advisors

Steven Paese is a Consultant for MasterCard Advisors. As a generalist consultant, he has executed payment engagements across multiple disciplines to external clients and internal senior management. He specializes in the emerging payments space including e-commerce, mobile, EMV and fraud. Mr. Paese is based in Purchase, N.Y. and can be reached at

Recent Posts

FSIs Need to See the World Through Google Glass

On April 15, Google released their mirror API to allow developers to start making apps for Glass. Developers have almost instantly started developing and testing various applications for Google Glass, like an app for Twitter called GlassTweet and others with test versions available to 2000 developers. From Saturday Night Live to online video gimmicks, Google
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Five Technology Trends for 2013 and Anticipated Impact to Payments

It’s that time of the year, when everyone is making predictions. I’ve been reading many such predictions over the last few days; but in the payments industry the most broad-based predictions have stronger implications for our future business than they do considered on their own. Read about them here: Five Technology Trends for 2013.

Power of NFC: A Look into the Future

Well in advance of the acceptance side, mobile devices are already and/or planned to be deployed with NFC capabilities. This is mainly due to NFC’s attractiveness impacting many different industries. In regards to payments, NFC enhances value-added services like loyalty and coupons; as for other aspects of online connectivity, the possibilities with NFC are endless.
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Biometrics Momentum Builds

The idea of using biometrics for payments is nothing new – in fact, it has been around for years. However, with recent developments in the US and abroad, the use of biometrics has become a niche reality and could take payments by storm. In July of 2012, South African Social Security Agency “SASSA”, Net1 UEPS
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