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Theodore Iacobuzio

Theodore Iacobuzio

Theodore Iacobuzio
Vice President, Global Insights

Theodore Iacobuzio is vice president in charge of Global Insights, MasterCard’s interdisciplinary thought leadership organization. He and his team use research and analysis to better understand consumer behavior and market dynamics—and how those insights can strengthen the business performance of MasterCard customers around the world. Under his direction, MasterCard has published groundbreaking work on payments profitability, the myth of debit “cannibalization,” global debit point-of-sale migration, remittances in Asia/Pacific and the Middle East, and affluent segmentation in Brazil.

Prior to joining MasterCard in 2009, Mr. Iacobuzio led the Payments Practice at TowerGroup. Based in Purchase, N.Y., he can be reached at

Recent Posts

Luxury and the Tempered But Tactical U.S. Consumer

Great evening yesterday at the Luxury Marketing Council’s sort-of weekly thought-leadership get together. There was no need to tell the audience that the drastic and permanent changes in post-crisis U.S. consumers as rendered in our latest installment of credit/debit have a direct effect on luxury brands, luxury stores and luxury experiences. The point is that
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Aite Predicts 130% CAGR for U.S. Mobile Payments 2015-2020

Sober-sided Aite Group research is publishing a paper today predicting that U.S. mobile proximity payments will rise from $7.5 billion gross dollar volume (GDV) this year to $487 billion in 2020. Aite doesn’t do the calc, but your agent figures that’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 130 percent. Give or take. No joking,
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Stick to Neurons, Doc: The Bell Tolls for Thee

Interesting if, ahem, wrong-headed piece in the Wall Street Journal Monday [subscription required] from a neuroscientist who says the “easy credit” activates the right synapses to produce a pleasurable feeling. Fair enough. In layman’s terms, what Prof. Whybrow is saying is that shopping is fun. But when he plays economist, the good doctor gets into
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Formal or Informal? Or, How Many NGOs Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?

More content than you would know what to do with at WEF in Cancun last week: also, running into plenty of old friends, like the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth’s own Ricardo Hausmann (via the Kennedy School at Harvard). And the presidents of Mexico, Panama and Haiti. One topic that seemed especially hot was cracking
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Safety and Security: The Next Big Thing—for Everybody

This new research ACI Worldwide commissioned from Ovum echoes some work Global Insights has done over the years, but one point seems to indicate we’re onto something in some new work we plan to show in the coming weeks. According to the research, everybody in the payments value chain plans to spend on payments technology;
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New Aite Research: Banks Spending Their Way to Analytic Happiness

Very interesting new research up today from our friends at Aite Group says that U.S. retail banks will continue to spend more money on marketing analytics, for the very good reason that they’re not happy with the capabilities they have in place right now. In fact, the research says, 36 percent of a very robust
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