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Theodore Iacobuzio

Theodore Iacobuzio

Theodore Iacobuzio
Vice President, Global Insights

Theodore Iacobuzio is vice president in charge of Global Insights, MasterCard’s interdisciplinary thought leadership organization. He and his team use research and analysis to better understand consumer behavior and market dynamics—and how those insights can strengthen the business performance of MasterCard customers around the world. Under his direction, MasterCard has published groundbreaking work on payments profitability, the myth of debit “cannibalization,” global debit point-of-sale migration, remittances in Asia/Pacific and the Middle East, and affluent segmentation in Brazil.

Prior to joining MasterCard in 2009, Mr. Iacobuzio led the Payments Practice at TowerGroup. Based in Purchase, N.Y., he can be reached at

Recent Posts

Intrepid Reporter Braves CES 2015 to Bring Back Innovation News

Global Insights’ Alissa Saoutina journeyed to darkest Nevada this week for the 2015 running of the Consumer Electronics Show, and came back with this video report. What she found was, everything is on the Internet, and you’ll wear what gets you there. Much more to come as the days go by and we rummage Alissa’s
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Omnichannel Goes Omnipresent: Banks Keep Evolving

Your agent is old enough to remember Bill Gates’s infamous visit to Jurassic Park; that was when he was reported to have said that “banks are dinosaurs,” with the strong implication that the new financial services providers would include corporations headquartered in Redmond, WA. Not so much, it turned out. Neither AT&T Co., nor PayPal,
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Stereoscopic Market Watching: Observing and Reporting Consumer Spend

Turns out McKinsey & Company has since the crisis been asking U.S. consumers about their spend; and so has Global Insights. There is no lack of good information and insight in the McKinsey work, but our Insights work incorporates spend data and market research into a model providing a three-dimensional view how attitudes drive behaviors
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Identity Theft: Serious Business for FSIs

Very spooky: new research from our friends at Aite has some very dire news for financial services institutions. Consumers subject to identity theft will half the time move a demand deposit account, while 40 percent will move their entire relationship. Read the whole thing at Aite’s website today.

DEI Stands for Definitely Engaging Internationally as Well as Digital Evolution Index

I’m counting 53 separate press clips concerning Insights’ and the Fletcher School’s recent collaboration, The Digital Evolution Index. Among the more interesting are the U.K.’s Retail Times, The Straits Times of Singapore [subscription required], and, for those of you outside Budapest  (we get traffic from all over) there’s this very good piece from Finextra, who
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The Digital Evolution Index and the Emergence of a Connected Planet

Where are the Internet’s next billion users coming from? Not from where you might think. Be aware first that wherever they come from, they’re coming faster than ever before, faster than the first 2.9 billion, cyberspace’s current human population. Anything due to grow by 35 percent is bound to be of interest to businesses worldwide;
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