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Theodore Iacobuzio

Theodore Iacobuzio

Theodore Iacobuzio
Vice President, Global Insights

Theodore Iacobuzio is vice president in charge of Global Insights, MasterCard’s interdisciplinary thought leadership organization. He and his team use research and analysis to better understand consumer behavior and market dynamics—and how those insights can strengthen the business performance of MasterCard customers around the world. Under his direction, MasterCard has published groundbreaking work on payments profitability, the myth of debit “cannibalization,” global debit point-of-sale migration, remittances in Asia/Pacific and the Middle East, and affluent segmentation in Brazil.

Prior to joining MasterCard in 2009, Mr. Iacobuzio led the Payments Practice at TowerGroup. Based in Purchase, N.Y., he can be reached at

Recent Posts

“Local” Merchants Need to Think Globally

Brands of all kinds strive to become increasingly global in their marketing strategies, but you need to look through both tubes on the binoculars to get the true stereoscopic effect. In other words, global needs local, and local needs global. “Collectively, local brands still account for the overwhelming majority of consumers’ purchases,” said Sarah Quinlan,
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The Amazing Vaporizing 35%: Banks and Mobile Banking

A recent story in The American Banker about U.S. banks’ interest in mobile payment apps quoted a pretty surprising statistic: “a recent study from fintech vendor Accenture predicts that U.S. banks could lose 35% market share by 2020 to new competitors ranging from small payments firms to Internet giants, like Google, to retailers.” Wow. Thirty-five
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Simplify/5personas Webinar: Let’s Go to the Videotape!

Which shows you how old I am. Rather, let’s go to the replay, which is available here. Also, you can access the eBook we put together with Bigcommerce here. The comments of Bigcommerce’s Kirsten Knipp are especially interesting, as they show how to make the 5personas findings actionable.

Small Merchants and Bigcommerce: A Talk with the Co-CEO

Bigcommerce is a firm that helps small merchants get up and running on the Internet; they’re wired into MasterCard’s own Simplify, the streamlined payment solution from MasterCard. Recently Mitchell Harper, the co-CEO of Bigcommerce, spoke to Bloomberg about the company’s plans and growth. Small merchants collectively rule the world, but individually they sometimes feel up
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MasterCard’s Ed McLaughlin at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Last week it was all about mobile just about everywhere, as the telco world assembled in Barcelona, Spain (or Catalonia, if you like), for the annual Mobile World Congress, probably the most important show in that industry. If you wanted a bird’s eye view of what’s up in mobile payments, you could do worse than
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MasterCard’s Inclusive Growth Index: Doing Good By Doing Good

Welcome to the world of financial inclusion, as seen through the lens of MasterCard’s Center for Inclusive Growth, and its latest publication, the Inclusive Growth Index, the work of the Center’s chief economist, Yuwa Hedrick-Wong. What’s it all about? This fellow seems to think he knows.

The “Hard” Case for Hard Cases: EMV a No-Brainer?

Back in my high and palmy days as a research analyst, when I did an infrastructure cost analysis for EMV rollout in the U.S., the response was always that the business case was “soft”. Cut to a hard case indeed. And it looks like the industry is following suit. There will be more to come.