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Recent Blog Posts

Debunking Two Myths about the Unbanked

Amit Jain |

No company would ever consider an audience making up 50 percent of the world’s population an unprofitable opportunity. And no company would ever market a product to half the world’s population without defining the most valuable and relevant customer segments. Yet when it comes to the unbanked, segmentation is not a best practice for governments,
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Inclusion and Public/Private Partnerships: Scale Is the Next Challenge

Tara Nathan |

Fully 85 percent of the world’s transactions are still in cash and check, and the majority of those transactions are between lower income consumers and merchants who do not have enough access to safe, secure forms of electronic payments. We think that as a market organizer we’re uniquely positioned to move that number. MasterCard brings
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Moving Closer to the Financial Inclusion Solution

Salah Goss |

Public private partnerships (P3s) have reached a convergence point at which they need to take stock of the people, processes and technology to make financial inclusion happen. Like any business story, this starts with a personal journey. I spent my early career doing community development for the U.S. government and then doing economic development in
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A Warmer, Friendlier Lender Part 2: Float Money vs. Payday Lending

Kanishka Khanna |

This is the second part of MasterCard’s Insights into industry alternates to Payday Loans. The first part of the series talking about Vouch and a multiple loan guarantor system can be found here.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Popularized by Economist Milton Friedman, this tag encapsulates almost the entirety of capitalist theory
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Social Enterprise: Product vs. Purpose

Alissa Saoutina |

Inclusion Inc., this year’s edition of The Fletcher School’s annual conference on inclusive growth, started off with a straightforward question on the part of Bhaskar Chakravorti, senior associate dean at the school: what is the definition of inclusive business? For businesses themselves, which after all, exist to serve their customers and make a profit that
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Separate Checks: EMV on the Menu at TRANSACT15

Theodore Iacobuzio |

It’s all EMV all the time here at TRANSACT15, the big acquirer and ISO show the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) puts on, this year in San Francisco. And who shall blame them? After all, the Great Liability Shift is due to come down October of this year. ISOs, or Independent Sales Organizations, are in fact
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