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Recent Blog Posts

Black Friday Came Early This Year

Nitin Sumangali |

The emergence of Thanksgiving as a key shopping day to rival Black Friday was in full effect in 2013. With MasterCard Spending Pulse showing Thanksgiving 2013 sales up 23.68 percent year over year, and Black Friday sales up only 2.87 percent, together they lifted Thanksgiving “season” sales, if that’s the right word, fully eight percent.
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Black Friday Goes Online and on Mobile

Peter Reville |

Are some people finally getting tired of the chaos that is Black Friday at a traditional retail establishment?  The answer is, maybe.  A recent post on TotalPayments cited numbers from Adobe Systems Inc. and IBM Corp. that indicate somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 billion was spent at online retailers between Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 
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Making Waves in a Privacy World

Theodore Iacobuzio |

Anybody looking for a good summary of Insights’ 5personas work could do worse than read this story at the website. It’s always fun upending conventional wisdom with facts.

Inclusion in Europe—It’s all about the Benefits

Jennifer Rademaker |

For millions of European consumers, financial inclusion means more than just having a bank account or a form of electronic payment. MasterCard’s research into financially excluded Europeans, “The Road to Inclusion”, found that financial inclusion translates into some very basic and important human needs—increased safety, control over finances, a better ability to save, not having
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It’s a Luxury Item, It’s an Investment—Wait, It’s Both!

Sarah Quinlan |

The U.S. Commerce Department yesterday announced October retail sales numbers, and they mirror what MasterCard Advisors released to its SpendingPulse™ subscribers Nov. 6. The U.S. consumer took their savings from cheaper gasoline prices and put it back into the economy, particularly by dining out. Jewelry was their second preference, as the trend towards small investments
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The Fed Wakes Up to Bitcoin; What about the Rest of Us?

Theodore Iacobuzio |

I love posting on Bitcoin, because it brings the POUM out of the woodwork; they’re always ready to comment on Bitcoin. Still George Orwell isn’t the 1930s figure that the Bitcoin phenomenon brings to mind. And now the Federal Reserve Bank, a bête noire of monetary fundamentalists if ever there was one, has taken notice
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