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Recent Blog Posts

Why Banks Need to Expand with the Tech Savvy Population

Eric Wachs |

When was the last time you visited your bank? Probably less recently than you realize. If you needed to perform a rudimentary task like check your balance, transfer funds from your savings to your checking account, or even deposit a check you may have just reached for your smartphone or tablet. Mobile banking is thriving:
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The Dark Side of a “Staycation”?

Sarah Quinlan |

Everybody knows that the new hot trend is the “staycation”—remaining tethered to the homestead or nearby during time off, going for day trips and foregoing airline travel and its hassles for family fun. MasterCard Advisors’ shopping tracker SpendingPulse™ indicates that U.S. consumers took advantage of easing gas prices leading into the Fourth of July holiday,
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Coming Soon: MasterCard Revisits the State of the American Consumer

Nitin Sumangali |

Month by month, quarter by quarter, and year by year there are reams of data produced about the American consumer’s financial picture that point in every direction and seemingly have no consistency. But it’s potentially a mistake to view the numbers this way. Individual data points (savings rates, housing starts, spending levels) may in isolation
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Electronic Payments, Micro Merchants and Democracy

Theodore Iacobuzio |

Recent MasterCard research has indicated a correlation between cash usage and bad behavior in global economies. But the opposite is also true: electronic payments (no need to correlate here) can mean more inclusion, more empowerment and more democracy in the developing world. That’s one of the messages in Richard Hartzell’s recent blog on the Huffington
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Connecting the Dots: Loyalty, Trust and Mobile Wallets

Sabrina Tharani |

The loyalty game is something marketers have tried optimize for decades. I’ve read hypotheses ranging from affluent preferences to brand power to rewards, but there is only one variable I find to be universal among all the discourse: trust. In a recent MasterCard study, Global Insights found that trust is a key variable in online
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