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Recent Blog Posts

The New World of Retailing: Privacy and Identity in 2014

Nitin Sumangali |

One of the things Global Insights was adamant about regarding the Digital Sharing and Trust study (better known as 5personas) was tightness of focus. This research, we kept telling ourselves, was about consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding the sharing of personal information online. As for implications… On Jan. 13 MasterCard Advisors partnered with FINANCO for
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And You Thought It Was Just Bitcoin

Theodore Iacobuzio |

Here’s a good summary of the “altcoin” phenomenon (it’s not just Bitcoin) from National Review’s Betsy Woodruff, with a video she did on CNN. I wonder if she gets my hate mail? Plus, there’s now a book about it!

To PC Or Not PC, That Is The Question

Peter Reville |

A recent article in the Washington Post “The PC is dead, and this year’s CES proves it” posits that the vast array of new gadgets now available to consumers is making the PC less necessary to the average consumer.  While I think the author’s title is somewhat overstated—I think the term “dead” is overkill—the truth
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The New Age of Pocket Personal Shoppers

Shelby Ladenheim |

The other day I was looking for a pair of shoes at one of my favorite upscale department stores, but unfortunately they didn’t have the color I wanted. Instead of seeking out an employee, I scanned the barcode with my Nordstrom app and it told me that the latter store carried the same pair in
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A Look Back at 2013: Payments Perspectives Blog Posts

Nitin Sumangali |

As we start the New Year, the Global Insights team is looking forward to a productive 2014 with lots of interesting and valuable work to do. Below is a selection of some of the top Payments Perspectives Blog posts from 2013. To make sure you get the latest Global Insights content, subscribe to blog posts
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Spendingpulse™ 2013 Holiday Full-Season Holiday Report: Still Cautious, but Willing to Spend

Nitin Sumangali |

MasterCard’s Spendingpulse™ has released numbers for the 2013 holiday full-season, and the results show this season’s growth was improved over last year. This holiday season saw spending growth of 3.5 percent.  For holiday related spending, in categories like clothing, electronics and luxury goods, sales were up 2.3 percent from last year, when measured from November 1st to
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