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Recent Blog Posts

U.K. Consumer Confidence Rising: A SpendingPulse Story

Nitin Sumangali |

With department stores continuing to draw spending from consumers, government housing stimulus promoting spending in the furniture sector, and the continued growth of eCommerce retailing, there are a number of positive indicators for the U.K. economy, coming off the back of an improved 2013. Altogether January saw U.K. consumers spending more and expressing more confidence.
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Wearables…It’s What’s in the Future.

Christina Nathanson |

There is this massive transformation of how connected we are to the everyday devices we use, like the myriad of wearable technology integrated in glasses, bracelets, rings, and t-shirts. It’s become a fashion statement. In the U.S., while three percent own one, nearly 17 percent claim they will purchase a wearable when the price drops
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The Last Days of Swipe and Sign

Carolyn Balfany |

Habits can be hard to break, but sometimes they’re necessary. Towards the end of 2015, U.S. consumers will end the familiar habit of swiping  when paying by credit or debit card, and instead we’ll be dipping a chip-enabled card.    Just like today, sometimes we’ll be asked for our PIN, sometimes to sign or, for very
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The “Hard” Case for Hard Cases: EMV a No-Brainer?

Theodore Iacobuzio |

Back in my high and palmy days as a research analyst, when I did an infrastructure cost analysis for EMV rollout in the U.S., the response was always that the business case was “soft”. Cut to a hard case indeed. And it looks like the industry is following suit. There will be more to come.

Building Loyalty or Building Expectations

Shelby Ladenheim |

Every morning during my daily news scan, I see more and more articles pop up about the importance of multi-channel retailing, this morning was no exception. Consumers’ expectations are growing, challenging retailers to come up with new, innovative ways to engage their customers. Especially in an age where brand loyalty is becoming harder and harder
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