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Recent Blog Posts

Even Mary Meeker Can’t Predict Mobile Behavior

John Gaffney |

Mary Meeker is about as close to a guru that that the ultra-cynical digerati can handle. Never heard anyone say a bad thing about her and her analytical skills. She has been right on the growth of social media and dead on about the growth of mobile devices. Not easy to do in a business
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Unpacking the Big Data Catchphrase

John Gaffney |

You don’t cheer for big baseball. You cheer for the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cardinals, or maybe even the Cubs. You don’t focus on big food. You focus on tonight’s dinner. In the same manner, I would suggest that we don’t focus on big data.  Focus instead on making data relevant to your business. Events
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The Merchant Scope: Technology and Small Merchants

Nitin Sumangali |

While nearly 90 percent of small to mid-sized globally merchants have an online presence, only one in five actually offers consumers the option to buy their products and services on an eCommerce site. Surprised? Small merchants face sizable barriers standing between them and the technology that could help them compete with today’s global mega-chains. Understanding
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Balancing Act: Banks Address Costs and Profits

Alissa Saoutina |

Imagine Nik Wallenda (the first person to tightrope  the Niagara Falls on a high-wire) walking the line, tipping to the right, straightening,  tipping to the left, then straightening. The master of the balancing act traversing the 1,800-foot divide – the widest part of the falls. His balancing pole helped  get him to the security of
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Peer-To-Peer Needs Peer Evaluations

John Gaffney |

The peer-to-peer whispers are becoming audible conversations. As venture capital money floods into bilateral arrangements for everything from sharing apartments to personal payments, merchants and banks need to consider a quiet voice in the dialogue: the consumer. Because P2P payments will require sharp consumer preference and segmentation as they gain a louder voice in the
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Smart Phones: Not Just for Angry Birds Any More

Peter Reville |

I may be a little “tardy to the party” on this one, but here it goes. I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal “The Cheap-Smartphone Revolution” [subscription required]. The author writes of smartphones selling for as little as $25. Wow.  Imagine what this would mean for the developing world. Putting the power
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