Monthly Archives: June 2011

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U. S. Issuers and the Shifting Payment Dynamic

Understanding the dynamic between credit and debit—and now, increasingly, prepaid—is key to understanding how to grow the U.S. payments business in a challenging environment. A new position paper from MasterCard Global Insights indicates just how that dynamic is evolving in the third year of the financial crisis. U.S. credit card purchase volume increased by $111
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The Charge to Charge Cards

For what may or may not be obvious reasons, charge cards are getting a lot of attention from issuers, and MasterCard research shows that certain consumers may be ready for them. In an environment characterized by unrelenting shake-out, broad deleveraging on the part of issuers and consumers, and aggressive regulation, charge seems to be a place
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The Durbin Debacle

It’s always fun to transcribe great English prose; and when you spend a lot of time in the blogosphere, you can start feeling a little like you’re working in a windowless office in Manhattan in July with the air conditioning on the blink. Reading a real argument from a real thinker by way of contrast
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