Monthly Archives: September 2011

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The Mobile Device Revolution

First there was paper money. Then banks began issuing checks. Soon thereafter, credit cards were issued. This led to debit and prepaid cards. Now, we are seeing a new form factor rise up. It’s taking the shape of a device that more than four billion people know and use – the mobile phone. Yes, NFC
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Electronic Payments as a Bridge to Consumers

While under the pressure of the global economic crisis comfort with credit has increased in regions like Latin America and developing Asian markets, more North American consumers are apprehensive about using credit to fund purchases. According to GfK Roper Consulting’s study, The Global Annual 2011 – A Global Re-Evaluation, in 2006, 44 percent of consumers
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Durbin, Merchants, and Consumers

Our friends at have an interesting item about a recent gathering of card not present (CNP) merchants at the Direct Response Forum in San Diego. Fully 41 percent of merchants surveyed said they had no plans to pass any Durbin “savings” back to consumers. The rest were “undecided”. If another 10 percent decide to
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