Monthly Archives: October 2011

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Hunting the Vanishing Affluent

It makes sense to sell financial services to people with money just as it does to sell kennel services to people with dogs. The problem is that financial institutions are chasing the affluent at the same time their numbers are in decline. A smarter approach would be to figure out how to profitably serve all
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Double Jeopardy

You don’t have to answer in the form of a question.  Who wrote to F.A. Hayek on the publication of The Road to Serfdom, “Morally and philosophically I find myself in agreement with virtually the whole of it: and not only in agreement with it, but in deeply moved agreement”?  J.M. Keynes, of course—supposedly Professor
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The New American Import—Shoppers

U.S. merchants, still reeling from domestic consumers’ shift to thrift, are finding a fallback position in the form of international tourists. By attracting global tourism, American retailers are encountering eager shoppers, pockets flush with foreign currencies. The Washington Post highlighted this trend recently by pointing out some of the overlooked opportunities for retailers that are
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Easy Stages to Mobile?

This past week walking into the local supermarket in my old neighborhood I noticed the check cashing operation inside. There was a line of people, some with cash in hand others with bills to be paid. But I noticed one person walking up to the counter handing the representative some cash and walking away with
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Is the Retail Banking Industry the Next Kodak?

The banking business has always been competitive with one bank emulating the practices of another to “keep up with the Joneses” (think free checking and ATM fees). But banks may no longer have the luxury of simply meeting the competition. New competitors, who see the opportunity to revolutionize financial services, are encroaching on banks’ domains.
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