Monthly Archives: November 2011

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Shopping: Less Can Lead to More

The less clutter I have in my life the better. The same is true when I shop. Many times, I’ve walked into cluttered bargain stores only to leave empty-handed. Although the prices are terrific, the nuisance of having to cut through the clutter keeps me from making a purchase. Too much choice overwhelms me. According
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Emerging Markets and the Global Economy

There is no question that the global economy today would be worse off without dynamic emerging markets.  But the rise of these emerging markets, especially the giants of China and India, is a mixed blessing.  The process of rapid industrialization of two continent-sized economies inevitably comes with disruptive, and often unpredictable, consequences that can be
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Shifting Focus

The attention of the world is fixed on Europe. After Athens’s turn, it’s Rome’s. But is the world’s attention fixed on the right place? Would it be better employed farther east, much farther east, and south, in the developing and emerging world? In the post-crisis global economy, the dynamics of consumer markets are undergoing a
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