Monthly Archives: June 2012

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Women and the Mobile Handset in APMEA

One of the key findings of MasterCard’s Mobile Payments Readiness Index is that it remains early days for mobile payments around the world. However, in examining the consumer research, it emerges that not only were certain countries more ready, certain segments are more ready than others for mobile payments. For the majority of the 34
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No Better Way to Spend Kapital

When the Sparkasse in Chemnitz, Germany, let people vote online to choose the new image for their MasterCard credit cards, they got 10 pictures to choose from. These included the Chemnitz City Hall, a few local castles, and the town monument to Karl Marx. According to bank spokesman Roger Wirtz’s comments to Reuters, Marx won
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The Fed’s 40% Number: Silver Lining Dept.

Everybody jumped a bit when June 11 the Federal Reserve came out with a report asserting that the net worth of the average U.S. household fell 40 percent since the crisis. “Yikes” pretty much verbalizes the reaction, whether you are a financial sophisticate or not. A bit closer to home was the news that credit card
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