Monthly Archives: July 2012

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Less Is Still More

How much is too much? Consumers in 2012 are being barraged by messages from marketers, some of whom have an arsenal of tools to reach consumers via social media. A recent article in Forbes reports that too many brands push out too many messages to consumers via social media; rather than helping consumers make decisions,
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Barb Pacheco: I Feel Your Pain

A recent American Banker article interviews Barb Pacheco from the Kansas City Fed.  The first sentence reads “Barb Pacheco has mobile payment fatigue”.  It is her job to figure out what is going on in payments and explain that to bankers. I can’t say that I envy her.  Sometimes I feel like Barb Pacheco.  My desk
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Modest Millennials – Enlightened and Pragmatic

Regardless of the consequences on U.S. politics due to the latest unemployment numbers, their effect on the rising generation of producers, consumers, spenders and savers cannot be overlooked. According to a recent TRU study, Millennials care more about unemployment than they do about crime, drug abuse, poverty and terrorism. While the evolving recovery yields slightly
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P2P: The Final Payments Frontier

It’s always interesting to connect the dots, and that’s just what we did at Global Insights when we put together the findings of our Mobile Payments Readiness Index and our annual look at U.S. consumers’ payments behavior. Each year for the past three years, MasterCard has conducted a study to determine shifts in payment types
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