Monthly Archives: September 2012

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The Cost of Connectedness

A recent Wall Street Journal article “Cellphones Are Eating the Family Budget” (subscription required) discusses how cell phone costs impact consumers’ bottom lines. The proliferation of smartphone and associated data plans are becoming a larger share of the family budget. This got me thinking. It is not only the cell phone, there’s cable/satellite TV and
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When is competition good, and when is it destructive—not creatively destructive, just negative? This kind of question occurs when contemplating the Google/Apple wrangle over the maps app on the new iPhone. You may have heard of the latter (just kidding), if not the comedy over disappearing train stations and submerged municipalities. Whoever is in the
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The New Normal

Consumers feel their personal finances and the national economy are on an upswing, as 64 percent of Americans report believing the economy has stabilized or is getting better compared with 33 percent last year. The same survey reported that 65 percent of consumers expect their own personal finances to rebound in the next year. However,
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The Evolving Mexican Consumer

The U.S. economic recession has undoubtedly impacted peripheral neighbors, especially to the south. While some parts of the Latin American region were rather insulated from the crisis, Mexico suffered the deepest consequential recession of any country in the Americas, bar a couple of Caribbean nations. Since the downturn in 2008, the Mexican economic recovery has
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