Monthly Archives: October 2012

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Oi and Farewell (to Mag Stripe)

One of the top-line lessons of the MasterCard Mobile Payments Readiness Index (MPRI) is the great differences that obtain globally from one market to the next. The 34 countries the Index examines are like snowflakes: the local conditions are simply too different in 34 separate cases to permit prescribing a simple and unitary mobile rollout
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The Reemergence of Thin File Consumers

As 2012 inches closer to the holiday season, the reemergence of one consumer segment may prove beneficial to merchants, banks and financial institutions: those with “thin and/or no credit file”. “Thin file” consumers are those who do not have a sufficient enough payment history established to qualify for credit. They comprise 40 million people in
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Your Information Is On File

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article detailing the practice of police forces and private companies using devices to scan auto license plates and creating databases of location information. What makes this story immediately newsworthy is that the cars need not be part of a criminal investigation to be logged in the database. What
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Same Thing, Different Pundit

Six-Sigma, TQM, matrix management, business process re-engineering, MBO, 360-degree feedback, One-Minute Manager, CRM, CEM, etc., etc., etc. Are they transformative business initiatives or just fads? I have not come to critique these in any way (though I could), but rather to talk about their similarities. I have sat through the endless seminars, read the books
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