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It’s All about Position: The Great Mobile App Bake-Off of 2013

Theodore Iacobuzio |

One of the most interesting—right up there with your agent’s panel —sessions at the American Banker’s 7th Annual Mobile Payments Forum was the Mobile Solution Provider of the Year Showcase, in which four technology companies competed for the most crowd pleasing mobile app of 2013.

Here were the contestants:

Cisco Systems’ Mobile Advisor, which allows consumers to view their households’ financial position represented graphically, with access to a live video chat with a financial advisor. Lots of oohs and aahs over a robotic arm’s completely legal reproduction of a fingertip-generated signature.

Kofax Customer Onboarding, which takes optical character readings (OCR) of both sides of a drivers license through video imaging. Lots of questions around fraud on this one, but none focusing on the AML fraud, which is the first thing I thought of.

FiServ Snap 2 Tag, which associates images of paper receipts with transaction listings in payments accounts using FiServ’s Mobiliti. Also leveraging OCR, this app generated the most questions from floor on the corporate card possibilities.

Kontagent Mobile Customer Intelligence, which provides metrics clocking ROI, usage and other benchmarks BY DEVICE, along with Life Time Customer Value (LTV) calculations for mobile customers.

Guess which one won.


Guess which one I liked best.

That would be telling; but vox populi vox dei, you know.

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