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If Only Steve Ballmer Had Listened to Us!

Theodore Iacobuzio |

You heard it here first, folks—again. The personal computer is on the way out, unless, that is, you’re a serious gamer, or something like that.

The latest evidence is from Microsoft Corp., which just announced a reorg largely mandated by the global move to smartphones and tablets. The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports that an internal memo from chief executive Steve Ballmer went out July 11 with the details.

Global Insights has been on this case for some time. First the tablet went mainstream, and the numbers tell that story. More important, our Mobile Payments Readiness Index demonstrated that eCommerce from a tablet or smartphone is the gateway purchase: true mobile payments (with the device as form factor) can’t be far behind. Add that to the premium on living space in developing and emerging economies (where tablets make so much more sense) and the story writes itself.

Topics: Economic Outlook, Payments Strategy

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