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Road to Recovery: The Cautious Rise of the U.S. Consumer

Nitin Sumangali |

For the past four years, the Global Insights team has released an annual report of the state of the U.S. consumer, looking at changes to credit and debit usage as well as changes to their confidence in their own financial situation. In the past month, Global Insights has shared selected excerpts via our Payments Perspectives blog highlighting major themes and findings of the paper.

But rather than look at just a single year—2011 to 2012—the data in these previous reports can be reexamined to construct a longer view of the U.S. consumer and gain a deeper understanding of how the American consumer’s views and behaviors have changed.

Now, the full paper Road to Recovery: The Cautious Rise of the U.S. Consumer is available for download and does just that. Examining the U.S. consumer’s actual spending data and coupling it with MasterCard proprietary research of consumer’s views of their financial situation, Global Insights offers a unique perspective on the state of the U.S. economy.


Topics: Credit, Debit/Prepaid

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