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The Digital Sharing and Trust Project: Around the World in 5 Personas

Sabrina Tharani |

Global online consumers are evenly divided into five unique personality types, or personas, that are defined by their online needs and goals, digital sophistication, and information-sharing awareness. This is the major finding of the Digital Sharing and Trust Project,” a new study released today by Global Insights that examines how and why consumers across nine global markets—the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Colombia—choose to share various types of personal information online, and how much value they place on their data.

The five personas – Open Sharers, Solely Shoppers, Proactive Protectors, Simply Interactors and Passive Users – account equally for about 20 percent of the global market and are by and large fully aware of how their data is harvested and leveraged on the part of the sites they visit. These segments dispel the myth that consumers’ willingness to engage in activities like social networking and online shopping are driven by regional differences or demographics such as age and gender; rather, when global consumers ascend into cyberspace, those characteristics become secondary and they assume what MasterCard calls “social citizenship.”


Read the rest of the findings and find out what persona you most resemble on our new interactive website:!

Topics: Big Data, Economic Outlook, Mobile, Payments Strategy

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  1. Lisa Bella said on October 3, 2013 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    Hi I’m curious to see how this data varied by country.