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I Turned My Phone on Today, Oh, Boy: A Day in the Life of an Open Sharer

Sabrina Tharani |

If Global Insights’ newly released Digital Sharing and Trust Study proves anything, it’s that I am an Open Sharer to the core. I’m a highly connected consumer and employee who relies heavily on the web to connect, organize and manage life. So in line with my digital persona, it only seems natural for me to share a day in my life with the readers of Payments Perspectives, putting some color around one of our five global online personas.

6:30 a.m.: Wake up to the screeching iPhone that basically shared the pillow with my head, and instinctively check Instagram and email for anything I may have missed after I called it a night. Browse some pictures from birthday I attended the night before and… moving on…

10:30 a.m.: At my desk at MasterCard’s global headquarters I live in a world of exploration and discovery—many of Global Insights’, well, insights, come from monitoring the web for real-time trends, spending data and economic indicators. I get my information from traditional news sources, of course, but also use tools like Twitter and Reddit to uncover consumer and financial trends. In fact, while doing desktop research for the Digital Sharing and Trust study, I relied on Twitter to better understand consumers’ real sentiments towards sharing their information online. My professional life would suffer in many ways if I didn’t utilize social networks.

1:00 p.m.: At lunch, I signed up for an informational webinar about some of Google’s newest marketing tools – particularly their suite of consumer research products. The registration required my job title, company, location and email—all categories of information I wouldn’t normally broadcast online, but because of the relevance and context of the situation, I feel comfortable trading my contact information for free access to the webinar. I understand why Google is collecting this information and how it will be used, so I feel there is a clear benefit to trading my data.

3: 00 p.m.: COFFEE!

4:30 p.m.: The Global Insights team has a meeting to deliver the findings of the Digital Sharing and Trust study with our partners in Enterprise Development. This time we talk about how merchants need to reconsider how they segment and target their online customers, prioritizing attitudes and behaviors over demographic data.

7:30 p.m.: My friends had read and shared rave reviews for a new farm-to-table restaurant on Yelp, so we all ventured over, many of us checking-in on FourSquare and taking those infamous (but overplayed) food Instagrams. We even got a deal for checking-in!

11:00 p.m.: Back at home I do one last read through my email then Buzzfeed myself to sleep… who knew dogs would really do anything for little kids? My phone ends up right back on my pillow, where it started the day.


I encourage you to find out what persona you most resemble by taking our fun quiz and sharing your results with Insights and your social networks – or not!


Topics: Big Data, Mobile

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