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Si Mis Joyas Podía Hablar (If My Jewelry Could Talk)

Christina Nathanson |

I’ve just returned from another family adventure away from the freezing cold tri-state area. This time we visited Spain: Barcelona to Madrid to the Costa del Sol. This was very different from our Hawaiian vacation, as we traveled by plane, train, and automobile and stayed in five different hotels.

In my previous blog post, I wrote about souvenirs – and Spain is no exception. I selfishly tend to gravitate toward jewelry, a small token of our brief visit. When I touch it, it brings me right back to a moment of happiness. While in Marbella, I met Monica from Joyas Que Hablan (“Talking Jewels”), a small business owner selling her jewelry at our resort’s craft market.

What stood out for me were the diverse handmade jewelry options across her tables– volcanic rock bracelets for 5€ to elaborate necklace statement pieces made with sterling silver and stones for 500€. I looked down along the table and noticed the card machine. “You accept cards for payment?” I asked. Monica replied, “Yes, yes I do. “


I asked Monica why she accepts cards. “A couple of months after starting to sell at markets, I realized many people did not have enough cash as they were only for a walk, not expecting to buy anything. One time, a customer wanted a quite important piece (125€), but she only had credit card. So I asked my neighbor, who let me borrow his credit card machine and I sold the piece. That Monday I went to my bank and got my own card machine.”

That was the start. Today, Monica notices that more people prefer using cards to paying with cash, especially if they’re on vacation. “I always need to be ready. Credit card payments used to be for items over 50€ couple of years ago, not now. And I don’t have a preference as money is money!  So, I can assure you that in one month, the half of my sales come from having my machine.”

Safe payments are also very important to Monica as she is leery of counterfeit money. “Credit cards are the safer of the two options,” she adds. “My credit card machine is 100 percent safe.”

Again, thanks to Monica, I have a bracelet to wear with my sea glass necklace from Hawaii.  If only MY jewelry could talk…..

Topics: Economic Outlook, Inclusion, Payments Strategy, Retail Trends

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