Monthly Archives: May 2014

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Balancing Act: Banks Address Costs and Profits

Imagine Nik Wallenda (the first person to tightrope  the Niagara Falls on a high-wire) walking the line, tipping to the right, straightening,  tipping to the left, then straightening. The master of the balancing act traversing the 1,800-foot divide – the widest part of the falls. His balancing pole helped  get him to the security of
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Peer-To-Peer Needs Peer Evaluations

The peer-to-peer whispers are becoming audible conversations. As venture capital money floods into bilateral arrangements for everything from sharing apartments to personal payments, merchants and banks need to consider a quiet voice in the dialogue: the consumer. Because P2P payments will require sharp consumer preference and segmentation as they gain a louder voice in the
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iBank—Where Is My Money?

Let’s face it. Today’s banking experience is largely undifferentiated. But banking’s newest customers, the Millennials, are not looking for commoditized. They’re looking for customized.  They expect a “bank-on-my-terms” user experience. What’s the solution? Be where your customers are. Today that is virtually everywhere. Smartphones, widespread availability of high-speed Internet connections and social connections have enabled
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Easter Comes Up Green For Retailers

Warm weather has put consumers in a sunnier mood when it comes to shopping and spending. According to the latest SpendingPulse release, April and the Easter Bunny brought a significant growth spike for retailers, especially in the apparel category. Total retail sales grew 4.4 percent year over year; the fastest rate of growth since December
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Karl Marx Rides Again…or Not

Don’t bother trying to get it fast—it’s on backorder at—but Thomas Piketty’s book on capital in the new (if aging) century is setting tongues wagging globally. If you want to get a head start on the conversation, you can’t do better than our own Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, whose opening salvo is definitely worth a read.
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