Monthly Archives: July 2014

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Local Heroes: U.S. Community-Based Banks Emerge From Crisis with Global Lessons

For financial services companies of all sizes, time and history are starting to uncover the lessons from the 2008 financial crisis.  Bottom line: The US banking landscape, as well as the payment habits of consumers, were changed substantially. While the top tier of US banks have progressed and stabilized since 2008, community-based institutions played their
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Merchant Scope: How to Bank On SME Merchants

If there was one dominant statistic from our recent Merchant Scope study “Small-To-Mid Sized Merchants Seek Competitive Technology in an Omni-Channel World” it was this: 90 percent of small-to-medium-sized merchants have an eCommerce presence. Only 20 percent can take live orders and process payments. It is a daunting gap, especially when stacked against the technology
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Why Should Banks Care about Wearables? Last in a Series

The answer is:  wearable technology has an impact on consumer expectations for experience and usability of various products outside of daily fitness tracking—which is the context in which you usually hear about wearables. Banking and wearables are in the similar business of tracking consumer activity (steps vs. transactions) and presenting information in a format that
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Emerging Payments Head Ed McLaughlin Leads Wharton Conference with Inclusion Message

Including the underbanked and moving toward a cashless society were the main themes on the part of MasterCard’s chief emerging payments officer Ed McLaughlin at the recent Wharton Social Impact Conference. Keynoting the event, McLaughlin told the conference that mobile devices will help include underbanked populations and give them access to the programs and financial
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Financial Wearables Continued: Financial Health Lessons from FitBit and Others

People realize they need help to be financially healthy. Example: Accenture reports 68 percent of US respondents say they would welcome a safe-to-spend analysis from their bank. Third parties and select banks are creating ways to help consumers to achieve financial health. A healthy consumer leads to a healthy bank; a healthy bank leads to
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