Monthly Archives: February 2015

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What’s in Your Digi-Wallet? More Than a Couple of Cards

To answer that question, CapitalOne has been focusing on all the benefits banking relationships bring to cardholders. Those benefits are what attracts consumers to the bank and influences their decision to open an account. However, the mark of a successful banking relationship is the cardholders’ continuous usage of the account and those very benefits. From
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HBR on DEI: Where Are the Next Billion Digital Citizens Coming From?

China. ISIS. Eurozone. The global economic issues that were supposed to be big issues in 2015 have certainly shown up as advertised. The Digital Evolution Index, created by The Fletcher School at Tufts University and MasterCard Global Insights, was designed to predict the speed at which the digital economy is moving (or not) in 50
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Student Debt: The Elephant in the Lecture Hall, or, Credit/Debit Rides Again, Again

Fascinating stuff from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on consumer debt. You heard it here first: U.S. consumers continue to keep their noses clean with consumer debt on cards. This debt management of the American consumer, especially compared to other global economies, is particularly noteworthy as The Economist comments that countries like Germany are
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