Monthly Archives: July 2015

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Rethinking Omnichannel: Refocusing Supply Chains

It’s a fair time to ask a basic question. What is the future of retail commerce? In a word: Omnichannel. The icons of eCommerce are reinventing themselves. Amazon is opening physical stores. Apple is now betting its future on wearables. At the same time the global powerhouses that have dominated traditional brick-and-mortar retailing like Sainsbury’s,
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Safety and Security Infographic Series 4: The Social Deficit

As Global Insights wraps up its series of infographics about consumer attitudes regarding security of personal and payments information in eCommerce, it’s worth recapping the topics these infographics touched on. The first infographic in the series was about how consumers’ concern about their personal and payments information was roughly equal across online and offline merchants, suggesting that
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The Evolution of the Branch Model

The banking branch model is not going extinct, but this week’s headlines indicate it is being reassessed by some of the biggest U.S. banks (by deposits) in the country. That is to say, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America. As mobile banking grows in popularity, these two banks are keen to leverage the digital technologies to control and
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Branch Numbers Don’t Lie

The headlines indicating a perception of the ineluctable doom of the bank branch in the U.S. as a viable channel stand in contrast to the number of location openings by the largest U.S. institutions. As the payments blog Let’sTalkPayments reports, Bank of America is one of the national banks leading in the diminishment of its
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