Monthly Archives: October 2015

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Future of Retail Payments Will Be in the Customer Experience, Not the Technology

The payments industry is on the move. We are witnessing changing customer behaviors, intensifying competition, and investors taking more risks. You just have to look at the number of financial technologies starting in this space and the money being poured into them. According to Accenture (registration required), fintech start-ups have raised $700 million between 2008 and
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Testing Meets Its Cool Factor

Keynotes ain’t what they used to be. Long gone are soporific static PowerPoint slides. The ones with the flow charts. These days at events like the Direct Marketing Association, which just wrapped on Oct. 6 in Boston, it’s the rock star treatment. Huge speakers. Big screens. Bright lights. Nobody asks, “Hey, is this thing on?”
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Making Big Data Make Money in Retail

Any experienced businessperson has seen this movie before with earlier technologies ranging from the World Wide Web to CRM to enterprise data warehouses. It’s the plot in which a technology goes from promise to hype to true application. Big data is now deep into the hype phase of this cycle. All the classic signs are
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