Monthly Archives: February 2016

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Get Your Clothing Delivered from Avenue A

Adidas’s announcement of a $600-a-year subscription for workout clothes, called Avenue A, highlights the importance of subscriptions as an ingredient in commitment marketing. Nicole Winhoffer, the first Avenue A box curator, told Forbes, “The brand is paying attention to a woman’s need to be stylish, confident, and one of a kind. They’re doing it in
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“Ex. Gas” No More? Is Fueling Up From an App the Final Frontier of eCommerce?

No sector of the economy can be too comfortable in imagining that they are invulnerable from digital disruption. Consumers want the simplest purchase experience they’ve ever had to be the baseline for all their future purchases. Increasingly these simplest purchase experiences are coming from mobile apps. Our colleague over at SpendingPulse, Sarah Quinlan, is always
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Technology and Shopper Anonymization; or, 5personas Meets Omnishopper

Interesting take on Global Insights’ Omnishopper results recently from the Wall Street Journal (subscription required). The paper takes on changes in shopping under the pressure of technology. Its conclusion:  Men are shopping more like women. Even merchandising managers who don’t agree with that thesis will tell you that men are shopping different from how they
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The Fraud is Coming from Inside the Bank: The Need To Tackle Branch Security Lapses

As part of the Road to Recovery series about the US consumers’ responses to the financial crisis, Global Insights published a paper last year that surveyed consumers and found 35 percent held multiple checking accounts. Of that group, 63 percent held these multiple accounts at different banks, and 40 percent said this decision was driven
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