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Alex Willcock

Alex Willcock

Alex Willcock
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Alex Willcock is the Founder and CEO of VisualDNA, a London based big data technology business that helps businesses to understand their customers in depth and in real time and helps consumers to discover their digital identity.

The business has over 225 million profiles live in its databases and provides technology to various sectors including ecommerce, financial services and online advertising. There are over 120 people in the VisualDNA team with offices in London and Moscow. The team is made up of a fascinating and diverse group of people including Psychologists, PhD Data and Computer Scientists and Creatives.

Alex started his career in retail and was General Manager of Country Road stores in Australia and Buying and Marketing Director of the Conran Group. Prior to founding VisualDNA, Alex ran his own communications agency, The Nest which he sold to the advertising agency, St Luke's.

Recent Posts

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