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Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina

Alissa Saoutina
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Alissa Saoutina is an Analyst in the Global Insights group of MasterCard. She is responsible for compiling and analyzing research from MasterCard and 3rd party sources to generate insights for consumers, merchants and issuers. Alissa has previously worked three years in Product Development organization within MasterCard, responsible for developing and implementing solutions for offer and loyalty companies.
Alissa can be reached at

Recent Posts

Amazon’s Thanksgiving Parade: Underdog No More

Are you surprised? Did you do a double take at the title of this post? If yes, then the discounts, free shipping and other Prime perks have not gotten hold of you yet. Although some might think it bold and premature, the analysts at Cowen Group are predicting that the rise of Amazon in the
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The Evolution of the Branch Model

The banking branch model is not going extinct, but this week’s headlines indicate it is being reassessed by some of the biggest U.S. banks (by deposits) in the country. That is to say, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America. As mobile banking grows in popularity, these two banks are keen to leverage the digital technologies to control and
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Branch Numbers Don’t Lie

The headlines indicating a perception of the ineluctable doom of the bank branch in the U.S. as a viable channel stand in contrast to the number of location openings by the largest U.S. institutions. As the payments blog Let’sTalkPayments reports, Bank of America is one of the national banks leading in the diminishment of its
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As Entertaining as Shopping

The recent Retail Marketing Society’s event (held at FIT on June 9th) was called “Reinventing The Store.” It was an ambitious title and largely delivered on. The speakers and panelists discussion focused on the physical store as a source of entertainment and engagement for consumers. Among the stars were Tony Spring (CEO of Bloomindales), Paco
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Connectors Project – the Personas of Opportunity

What helps us to reach a goal, a milestone in our life? In developed countries people tend to describe their journeys through a series of independent steps, personal decisions and choices made over a certain period of time. But the stories we heard and observed in The Connectors Project, Global Insights’ groundbreaking work on economic
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Social Enterprise: Product vs. Purpose

Inclusion Inc., this year’s edition of The Fletcher School’s annual conference on inclusive growth, started off with a straightforward question on the part of Bhaskar Chakravorti, senior associate dean at the school: what is the definition of inclusive business? For businesses themselves, which after all, exist to serve their customers and make a profit that
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