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Christina Nathanson

Christina Nathanson

Christina Nathanson
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Christina is a Vice President in the Global Marketing Research & Insights Team of MasterCard Worldwide. Her focus is primarily on the Global Youth Segment and their future impact in the future of payments and new product development initiatives.

Prior to joining MasterCard in 2009, Ms. Nathanson spent more than 18 years in diversified consumer and business insight roles at both financial services and consumer packaged goods firms. Based in Purchase, N.Y., she can be reached at

Recent Posts

Si Mis Joyas Podía Hablar (If My Jewelry Could Talk)

I’ve just returned from another family adventure away from the freezing cold tri-state area. This time we visited Spain: Barcelona to Madrid to the Costa del Sol. This was very different from our Hawaiian vacation, as we traveled by plane, train, and automobile and stayed in five different hotels. In my previous blog post, I
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Don’t Leave Business On The Table

My family has taken several vacations in the past few years…from Hawaiian beaches to the Costa del Sol in Spain. Souvenirs are business cards from our favorite shops and restaurants, our photographs, or, even better, something indigenous to the region. The best place to find ingenious items are swap meets, flea markets, or craft shows.
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Wearables…It’s What’s in the Future.

There is this massive transformation of how connected we are to the everyday devices we use, like the myriad of wearable technology integrated in glasses, bracelets, rings, and t-shirts. It’s become a fashion statement. In the U.S., while three percent own one, nearly 17 percent claim they will purchase a wearable when the price drops
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Does It Matter If I Don’t Have My Driver’s License Yet?

Let me set the stage.  It’s time to get my son Joe off to school.  I give a five minute warning, “We need to leave in five minutes. You don’t want to miss the bus.” And this goes on…. “We need to leave in four…” Repeat. Joe has the attention span of… well let’s not
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Listen to My 11-Year-Old Wireless Son

Saturday morning’s cartoons were a staple in my household back in the ’70s. This was the only opportunity to show my parents what I wanted for Christmas or for my birthday without actually leaving the house.  I’d yell from the living room, “Mom!  Dad!  Come in here.  That’s the Barbie Townhouse my friend Elizabeth has…see…it
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