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Christina Sommer

Christina Sommer

Christina Sommer
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Christina Sommer is a Vice President in the Global Insights group of MasterCard Worldwide.

She has 14 years of experience in the financial services industry, specializing in retail banking and payments strategy. Her current responsibilities involve applying market, consumer, and financial insights to improve business results for MasterCard and its customers globally.

Recent Posts

Small Businesses: Under-banked, But Not by Choice

Last week, I was a panelist at the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions Conference in Baltimore. The Federation caters to credit unions serving the underserved. I was impressed with the turnout for the event and more impressed with the conversations and questions. The credit unions, many of them quite small, have been doing
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It’s Consumers Who Can Make Mobile Payments Happen

With any new technology there is always a chicken-or-egg discussion. What will it take for—name the product—to be successful? The same product adoption curve holds true with the discussion around mobile payments. The difference is, that mobile payments are not just a new technology entering the market, but there are also a host of new
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Small Businesses: Making the World Go Round

Intuitively we all know that small businesses make the world tick – they are where you buy the newspaper on your way to the train in the morning, where you pick up your dry cleaning on your way home and where you share meals with your family.  But do you know just how much these
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Purchase Power of Global Teens Tops $819 Billion

I often get the opportunity with financial institutions to discuss consumer trends and how these impact our industry. One of the key findings of the trends research we analyze is that the youth and the affluent tend to be the leading segments – and then everyone else eventually follows suit. These discussions naturally drift toward
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Mobile Payments Getting the Jolt They Need in Low-Value Payments

Mobile Payments are starting to take shape in the United States and Canada. Yes, as we say on the Mobile Payments Readiness Index (MPRI), it’s still very early days for this payment type; however some promising things are beginning to happen. Just last Friday, Rogers Communications, Inc., the largest telco in Canada, and CIBC unveiled
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