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Christine Brundage

Christine Brundage

Christine Brundage
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Christine Brundage, Principal, Fraud Management Global Knowledge Center Lead for MasterCard Advisors (MCA), has over 20 years of risk management experience in the financial services and retail industries. Christine specializes in all phases of fraud management including fraud policy, prevention and detection strategy, fraud operations, MIS, fraud organizational structure, technology optimization, and training. Christine also is experienced in authorization strategy, collections, bankruptcy fraud and bustout prevention and detection. Christine’s focus is on the fraud economic value chain and the larger impact that fraud management and authorizations optimization has on overall portfolio profitability and customer satisfaction.

Recent Posts

How Much Is Too Much with Fraud Alerts?

Having worked in this industry now for many years I, like many of my fraud management brethren, have heard the jokes. You know the ones, “You’re not fraud prevention, you’re sales prevention”, and all the other permutations.  I have had the good fortune to work with fraud strategists and managers from issuers and merchants around
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