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Kevin Cusack

Kevin Cusack

Kevin Cusack
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Kevin Cusack is a Senior Vice President at MasterCard Advisors where he leads the Global Merchant Information Services business.

He has over twenty-five years of broad industry and consulting experience in Information Management and Analytics. Previous consulting experience focused on information based solutions that solve business problems including customer acquisition, customer retention, sales and marketing Analysis, customer segmentation, television viewership analytics, inventory/production planning, budgeting, sales forecasting, strategic planning, macro-economic modeling, financial reporting and analysis, campaign management and information technology architecture and strategy.

Kevin has consulted in the Retail, Communications, Media & Entertainment, Restaurant, Consumer Products, High-Tech, Financial Services, Insurance, Automotive, Energy, and Pharmaceutical industries. Kevin's has industry experience outside of consulting that spans the Retail, Consumer Products, and Software industries.

Recent Posts

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You’ve undoubtedly read enough about big data and data analytics. But I’m going to bet you haven’t read enough about the ROI of analytics. Here’s a basic question: “What has been the financial impact of our investment in analytics?” The truth is that most corporations are unable to answer this seemingly basic question. Yet, according
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