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Nitin Sumangali

Nitin Sumangali

Nitin Sumangali
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Nitin Sumangali is a Senior Analyst in the Global Insights group of MasterCard Worldwide. He is responsible for analyzing MasterCard and third-party research to support the development of market, consumer, and financial insights that can strengthen the performance of MasterCard and its customers worldwide. Mr. Sumangali is based in Purchase, N.Y. and can be reached at

Recent Posts

“Ex. Gas” No More? Is Fueling Up From an App the Final Frontier of eCommerce?

No sector of the economy can be too comfortable in imagining that they are invulnerable from digital disruption. Consumers want the simplest purchase experience they’ve ever had to be the baseline for all their future purchases. Increasingly these simplest purchase experiences are coming from mobile apps. Our colleague over at SpendingPulse, Sarah Quinlan, is always
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Transforming Financial Services – A Panel on Fin Tech Innovation

Financial services are the target of a lot of technology attention as there are increasing efforts to innovate new products and solutions. At a recent panel discussion moderated by frog design, I got to hear from key industry players at companies like MasterCard, Venmo, Fidelity and Moven about what this future of financial services innovation
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In Mourning for Black Friday 2015: Mobile, In-Store and the Omnishopper

If you put all your bets on a single channel—you lost. Emerging from our post-Thanksgiving food coma, we’ve been looking at the numbers from the retail bonanza that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and 2015 looks to be an inflection point for consumers. MasterCard’s SpendingPulse showed that in the U.S. during the Thanksgiving-Black Friday-Cyber
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Singles Day Finds Its Omnichannel Match

It’s hard to find the nuances and understatements when one retail company takes in $14 billion in one day. However, for Singles Day, Alibaba and China, one fact seems to have been overlooked. While Singles Day is a testament to eCommerce power and potential, Singles Day was not just eCommerce. It was omnichannel. First. Let’s
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Singles Day Is a Smash: The Power of Chinese Ecommerce

Earlier today we published a blog about Singles Day in China, and the sales potential it holds for major Chinese retailers. The survey data suggests that Chinese consumers are looking to increase their spending this year from 2014. Some of the early numbers are in, and it looks like Chinese consumers were not shy about opening their wallets. Alibaba
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