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Nitin Sumangali

Nitin Sumangali

Nitin Sumangali
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Nitin Sumangali is a Senior Analyst in the Global Insights group of MasterCard Worldwide. He is responsible for analyzing MasterCard and third-party research to support the development of market, consumer, and financial insights that can strengthen the performance of MasterCard and its customers worldwide. Mr. Sumangali is based in Purchase, N.Y. and can be reached at

Recent Posts

Road to Recovery Holiday Update 2015: Consumers Ending With Spending

The Global Insights team here at MasterCard produces a report every year as part of our Road to Recovery series. We last published back in September, but this year we’ve added another report about holiday spending planning. To learn more about this year’s report and how factors like gas prices are impacting consumers’ holiday spending
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The Connectors Project in Colombia: WOCCU 2015

The World Council of Credit Unions (or WOCCU) is hosting a technical workshop for its members in Cartagena, Colombia this week. Global Insights’ very own Ted Iacobuzio is in attendance. Ted will be discussing a number of recent Global Insights projects that are of interest to the attendees, including the Retail CMO’s Guide to the
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Strategy for Credit Unions: Ted Iacobuzio on CUBroadcast

Global Insights’ own Ted Iacobuzio was recently interviewed on, a talk show about credit unions. Using some of the findings from the Road to Recovery series, Ted spoke with CUBroadcast about how the financial crisis has changed the way consumers save and spend, and what it all means for the credit union movement. To
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Road to Recovery: Why We Bank Where We Bank

The Global Insights team here at MasterCard produces a report every year as part of our Road to Recovery series; it examines trends and shifts in the U.S. consumer’s payment behavior and financial confidence. Want to know why so many U.S. depositors maintain multiple DDAs? The most recent edition has just gone out today. To
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How to Make Big Data More Usable

Big data has exploded over the past few years, as companies across industries are grappling with both the increased volume and growing velocity of the sources of data. How to harness all this data and use it to make better decisions requires sophisticated types of advanced analytics in order to separate the truly useful data from
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Student Loans: Looming on the Consumer Horizon

Student loan debt is one of the big topics among those who watch the U.S. consumer. It is written about very often, especially in the business press, and is generally focused on how it might impact a young consumer base exiting college with high debt levels and a demanding job market. Typically these stories focus
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