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Peter Shortall

Peter Shortall

Peter Shortall
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Peter Shortall is a Senior Managing Consultant for MasterCard Advisors responsible for market research and management consulting within the US Region with specific expertise in developing new payment products from ideation to design and testing. Mr. Shortall has been a market research specialist since 1992 and is an Advisory Board member to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Consumer Payments Research Center (CPRC). Mr. Shortall is based in Purchase, New York and can be reached at

Recent Posts

Making the New World of Payments Profitable and Squaring the Circle

“We need to think outside the box!” Whether you’re saying it or hearing it, if you’re talking about the payments business, make sure you think about the circle as well. If we’re talking about credit cards, “outside the box” usually means things like expanded mobile functionality, new form factors, enhanced rewards earning rates or ability
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Financial Inclusion: Not “Yes” or “No”, but “How?”

Since the 2008 U.S. financial crisis, the financial services industry has subtly adopted new terminology for the consumers at the center of the storm.  These consumers used to be “subprime”; now they are “underbanked” or “underserved”.  But in the course of this terminology shift, we seem to have forgotten the needs of these consumers.  We
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