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Peter Reville

Peter Reville

Peter Reville
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Peter Reville is a vice president in the Consumer and Market Intelligence Group of MasterCard Worldwide. He specializes in using primary and secondary information resources to guide MasterCard’s digital strategy and new product development initiatives.

Prior to joining MasterCard in 2005, Mr. Reville worked for more than 17 years at several market research and consulting agencies. Based in Purchase, N.Y., he can be reached at

Recent Posts

All You Have to Do Is Look—Cybercrime in Social Media

Global Insights research has consistently indicated that given a choice between rock-solid security (the “turn-off-the-faucet” of risk management) and convenience, consumers will choose convenience. That predilection leaves gaping holes in security, one that consumers’ current eCommerce behaviors do little to mitigate. Prior to the advent of card-number tokenization, those consumers who do not have security
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You Can’t Afford It, Girlfriend! or, Save to Play

Recently Apple filed a patent for a new advertising format that will only serve up ads to users who can afford to pay for the goods and services in the ad.  Essentially, Apple has created a system that checks the balance on your credit and debit card and serves up ads for goods and services
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The Creepy Edge of Retail Tech

Just because you can build something doesn’t mean you should.  This is true for the retail environment as new technologies let companies serve customers in new ways.  Last April, I penned a piece titled Be Seeing You: Welcome to Creepy Town that looked at some consumer reactions to new retail service offering.  The long and
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The Retailer Riddle – New Payment Acceptance Ain’t That Easy

New payments are coming! New payments are coming! In all the research I have done with merchants over the years, the one overarching mantra for them is “sell more stuff”. In order to do that, they need to attract and retain customers.  Therefore, the customer experience becomes paramount. Ultimately, these new ways to pay would
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Hope Not Hype: The Real Promise of Apple Pay

I know I cautioned “don’t believe the hype” in earlier posts.  But maybe, just maybe, we can believe the hope. A recent article on eMarketer What Apple Pay Could Mean for Retailers forecasts mobile proximity payments users to be more than one-quarter of all smartphone users by 2018. If we believed the hype we would
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Predict This, Or Not: Casting Hostages to Fortune with Apple Pay

Dateline—48 hours after the cacophony in Cupertino. OK, I get it, publish or perish, but have you seen some of the predictions being made as a result of the Apple Pay announcement a scant two days ago?  Before the proverbial ink was dry I have seen articles that say PayPal will be hurt significantly by
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Stay Safe Out There: With Fraud, Are Consumers Their Own Worst Enemies?

Despite our best intentions, there is a sizable proportion of the tech-enabled world that just doesn’t get it.  According to a new Aite Group report, Global Consumers: Losing Confidence in the Battle Against Fraud, approximately 50 percent of consumers have engaged in some type of behavior that puts them at risk of fraud. Risky behavior
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