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Sabrina Tharani

Sabrina Tharani

Sabrina Tharani
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Sabrina Tharani is an Analyst in the Global Insights group of MasterCard Worldwide. She is responsible for analyzing MasterCard and third-party research to support the development of market, consumer, and financial insights that can strengthen the performance of MasterCard and its customers worldwide. Ms. Tharani is based in Purchase, N.Y., and can be reached at

Recent Posts

Using Your Online Consumers’ Digital DNA for Marketing this Holiday Season

There are 2.5 billion daily Internet users who are becoming increasingly connected and savvy about shopping online. This has important and relevant implications for online merchants, especially as the holiday season fast approaches. If retailers can figure out how to leverage insights from 5Personas – like identifying  their customers in the various segments – they can pick
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The Digital Sharing and Trust Project: Around the World in 5 Personas

Global online consumers are evenly divided into five unique personality types, or personas, that are defined by their online needs and goals, digital sophistication, and information-sharing awareness. This is the major finding of the “Digital Sharing and Trust Project,” a new study released today by Global Insights that examines how and why consumers across nine
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Will Apple’s New Biometric ID Software Provide the Spark for Mobile Payments?

The “Touch ID” fingerprint scanner was the headline takeaway from Apples’ new product keynote last week – a security innovation that not only integrates technology and biometrics, but could potentially serve as the catalyst for the mobile payments revolution. The fingerprint scanner will allows iPhone 5S owners to unlock their mobile devices without using a
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In Italy Experiences, Not Possessions, Should Guide Rewards Design

The recession, which in Italy began in late 2009, has forced consumers there to make significant cutbacks: high unemployment and the declining value of their savings and investments tell the story. This doesn’t mean Italian consumers are drastically changing their lives – they are looking for ways to maintain their lifestyle without fundamentally changing their
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More for Less in Italy: The Relationship between Best Price and Best Value

Understanding the economic fundamentals of a country is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for making informed business decisions in that market. Banks and merchants must also have insight into how consumers think about the economy, and what motivates them to behave and spend as they do. Neither economic conditions nor consumer sentiment exists
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Connecting the Dots: Loyalty, Trust and Mobile Wallets

The loyalty game is something marketers have tried optimize for decades. I’ve read hypotheses ranging from affluent preferences to brand power to rewards, but there is only one variable I find to be universal among all the discourse: trust. In a recent MasterCard study, Global Insights found that trust is a key variable in online
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