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Shelby Ladenheim

Shelby Ladenheim

Shelby Ladenheim
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Shelby Ladenheim is an Associate Analyst in the Research and Insights group of MasterCard Advisors. She is responsible for analyzing MasterCard and third-party research to support the development of market, consumer, and financial insights that can strengthen the performance of MasterCard, Advisors and their customers worldwide. Ms. Ladenheim is based in Purchase, N.Y., and can be reached at

Recent Posts

Building Loyalty or Building Expectations

Every morning during my daily news scan, I see more and more articles pop up about the importance of multi-channel retailing, this morning was no exception. Consumers’ expectations are growing, challenging retailers to come up with new, innovative ways to engage their customers. Especially in an age where brand loyalty is becoming harder and harder
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The New Age of Pocket Personal Shoppers

The other day I was looking for a pair of shoes at one of my favorite upscale department stores, but unfortunately they didn’t have the color I wanted. Instead of seeking out an employee, I scanned the barcode with my Nordstrom app and it told me that the latter store carried the same pair in
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