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Theodore Iacobuzio

Theodore Iacobuzio

Theodore Iacobuzio
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Theodore Iacobuzio is vice president in charge of Global Insights, MasterCard’s interdisciplinary thought leadership organization. He and his team use research and analysis to better understand consumer behavior and market dynamics—and how those insights can strengthen the business performance of MasterCard customers around the world. Under his direction, MasterCard has published groundbreaking work on payments profitability, the myth of debit “cannibalization,” global debit point-of-sale migration, remittances in Asia/Pacific and the Middle East, and affluent segmentation in Brazil.

Prior to joining MasterCard in 2009, Mr. Iacobuzio led the Payments Practice at TowerGroup. Based in Purchase, N.Y., he can be reached at

Recent Posts

Technology and Shopper Anonymization; or, 5personas Meets Omnishopper

Interesting take on Global Insights’ Omnishopper results recently from the Wall Street Journal (subscription required). The paper takes on changes in shopping under the pressure of technology. Its conclusion:  Men are shopping more like women. Even merchandising managers who don’t agree with that thesis will tell you that men are shopping different from how they
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The Omnishopper on TV: A Panel Discussion with MasterCard Advisors

Recently your agent talked to two of the smartest people regarding about the findings coming out of Global Insights’ Omnishopper research. Those two would be Gary Kearns, the man who runs MasterCard Advisors’ Information Services business, and Lynn Feinson, who leads its Managed Services business. It’s a panel discussion, found here, we think you’ll find
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Omnishopper Rules, and Amazon Is Getting It

We all know that the Internet was going to rule retail, right? That it would precipitate a race to the bottom as price and only price would rule, right? That showrooming would eliminate return business, right? RIGHT? Well, stores may be closing, but they’re opening too, as Jeff Bezos (subscription required) could tell you. Maybe
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Inclusion and What to Make of a Diminished Thing: Concordia Summit 2015

What does inclusion mean in a deflationary global economy, an environment that seems to have   changed almost by the minute since the 2008 financial crisis? That was the question that seemed to emerge from every session at this year’s Concordia Summit, which keeps getting bigger, and at least from the look of the guest list
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