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Safety and Security: Consumer Attitudes to eCommerce

Nitin Sumangali

The more eCommerce becomes a natural way to shop for consumers around the world, the less intuitive it becomes. It’s no longer easy to predict consumers’ sentiment about the online shopping experience. If all seems well, there is hardly anything to consider. But there’s plenty that’s in play, especially about where consumer feel most vulnerable—the safety and security of their personal and financial information.

The fact remains that elements of online shopping, especially about how their personal data is used, are never truly far from shoppers’ minds, regardless of the screen.

MasterCard Global Insights decided to put some quantitative meat on these bones in six markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, and the United States.


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The results show that consumers in these global markets have a more nuanced view of how they consider online shopping in relation to offline shopping and how they choose each platform. They also have varied views on the multi-party eCommerce ecosystem they think is responsible for safeguarding their data.

The detailed responses help point the way forward for each of these eCommerce parties, in a mode that’s easier to apprehend visually than in a paper drawing conclusions. So Global Insights has produced a series of infographics that will roll out online in the coming weeks. Using these simple but striking visuals, MasterCard will clarify some issues in eCommerce landscape and begin to develop recommended next steps.