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Safety and Security: The Social Deficit

As technology becomes both a broader and deeper part of the shopping experience, consumers are having to think more about their personal and payments information and where their zones of comfort in sharing that information are developing.

One of those boundaries may be in using their social media credentials to log in to retailer websites and apps.

Across most of the countries surveyed, using social media as a way to access eCommerce opportunities from retailers ranked in Global Insights research as one of least attractive options in consumers’ future plans.

[Click here to download the full infographic]

[Click here to download the full infographic]

The biggest surprise—and outlier—here was in Brazil, where it ranked as more popular than options like redeeming coupons via email, which was one of the most popular options among other surveyed countries. This suggests that while Brazilian consumers are more comfortable with plans to more tightly integrate their social media lives with commerce, most other consumers around the world prefer to keep these domains separate.

For the retailers who are looking to provide value to consumers through technology, it will be important to have tools that allow consumers to dial up or down their information sharing as they desire.