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Safety and Security : The Tale of Demographics

Consumers across all countries and income tiers note they have concerns with the safety and security of their personal information when shopping online. At first glance, these concerns appear rather uniform across the different countries. However, the Global Insights Safety and Security survey has picked up some interesting nuances on how these attitudes manifest in behavior.


Safety and Security: The Tale of Demographics

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For instance, the survey finds that lower income consumers are less likely to shop using a mobile device as part of the larger shopping experience. Consumers in the higher income brackets are more likely to buy or reserve online and pick up in-store. Here, high income consumers are finding ways to use technology to take advantage of the integration of both online and offline shopping tools as a way to capture maximum convenience while also addressing the need for security. These types of shopping options allow retailers to be where the consumers are, and for consumers to dial their technology use up to a level that works for them. This type of integration may represent a turning point for other shoppers in the future and a gateway to integrating mobile more into the shopping experience.